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Kate. Verified Review ” This is a fantastic tiling course and so pleased I done it, everything is covered, tiling skills, background prep to business skills 

Eric. Verified Review ” Wow, Darrens knowledge of tiling is incredible and has produced an amazing tiling course here if your thinking of changing career 

Danny. Verified Review ” This is the best course I have ever done, you quickly realise that Darren is an excellent tutor with years of experience. 

See 100’s of our 5 star reviews below
UK Pro Tiling Training offers fast track career changing courses from our dedicated training centre. We have over 700 five star reviews and are the UKs highest rated and longest established training centre (18 years). Change your career fast and earn up to £250 – £300 per day, click on the boxes below to find out more about our courses
15 days ultimate flexible tiling course

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Change your career quickly in our purpose built training centre and Learn to tile like a pro at the highest level OR we have an online training home option you can do without travelling. Our fast track training centre courses range from 4 days up to 9 days, the online course program option you will get a 3 months course licence access to complete it. Fast track yourself a new career today. Call 0333 335 0604  


Please watch the 3 videos below to see how. 


1.  One Of The Most Advanced Courses Produced on “How To Change Your Career Into Tiling” Available.  Designed For Anyone Serious About Learning To Tile Correctly.

2.  5 day and 9 day Training centre courses 

3.  No Prior Tiling Skills Or Business Experience Required.

4.  Optional Online at home courses available , Log Into Your Own Personal Tiling Program And Complete The Lessons At Your Own Pace,  Average Course Completion Time only 2-3 Weeks With Evenings And Weekend Practice.

3 months course licence to use the online program

6. Everything You Need To Know How To Start Your Tiling Business Off, Pricing Jobs, Working Out Estimates, Advertising, Dealing With Customers, Keeping Accounts, Paying Yourself Wages, Tax etc. 

7. Have Your Own Bathroom, Kitchen Or Floor Tiling Projects to do? no problem just use the skills you are taught.

8. Back Up Tutor Support.

9. Tiling Certificates Issued On Completion Of The Course (see further down this page for example)

10.  Instant Access To 45 Separate Practical Follow Along Tiling Lessons (Over 17 hours), Learn To Tile Straight Away, Just Watch, Learn And Repeat Them Yourself.    

11.  Learn To Prepare Different Surfaces To Tile And Which Tile Products Are Required To Avoid Failure And Mistakes.

12.  Step By Step professional instruction       

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 0% Finance Options Available

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    Looking to start a new career in tiling?

    Do you want to learn how to tile like a professional fast?

    In our purpose built tiling training centre, our professional Tiling Courses are delivered by one of the UKs leading and longest tiling tutors Darren who has personally taught over 8000 people how to tile professionally for over 18 years from UK Pro Tiling Training, Join the many people who have set up and run a successful tiling business from this course. Follow along and practice all your tiling skills with professional instruction with the tutor teaching you every step of the way to get amazing results like in the picture here

    Complete any of your own Bathrooms, Kitchens or Floors with ease straight after the course

     No Prior Tiling Experience is Required To Complete The Course.

    advanced practical professional tiling course
    start your new tiling business


    We offer one of the most advanced tiling courses in the industry,  this advanced instructional tiling course will show you how to tile professionally in the quickest possible time by following a set practical course that we have run for over 18 years.



    Receive 3 quality tiling certificates with documented unit titles and learning outcomes once you complete the course just like the one pictured here with your full name on it. Once the course is completed and you have your knowledge and tiling skills, you can set up as a self employed tiler and maximise an income from it.

    Not Just A Tiling Course

    It’s not just about the tiling if you want to make a successful business, you need to know how to run one, Also included is a full business section on how to successfully run a tiling business therefore we teach you how to maximise your earnings, how to select a business name, how to market yourself and find all the tiling work, social media advertising, how to sell your tiling services to a customer and everything else you need to know on how to start up a wall and floor tiling business, learn to keep your own accounts and paying yourself a wage etc. This course is a one stop shop of how to change career fast into the lucrative world of tiling.

    Learn to tile like a pro from one of the UKs best tiling tutors to get the job done in the fastest possible time, amazing short cuts, tricks of the trade and know how, achieve perfect results, get years of knowledge and experience on our tiling courses 

    Ask Any Questions 0333 335 0604 / 07960286957

    Self employed tilers earnings

    Good Tilers are always in demand around the world, in the UK, tilers are charging a minimum of £200 per day or an average fitting of £30-40 per metre, professional tilers are making between £1000-£2000 per week, you could easily make this money yourself if you practice what we teach on our courses.

    Average size kitchen splashback: charge = £250, 1 day plus materials.

    Average size (25 mt2) Bathroom: Charge = £850 – £1000, 3- 4 days plus materials.

    Average size (15 mt2) kitchen/Diner Floor = £400, 1.5 days plus materials.

    The Benefits Of Our Tiling For A Living Course

    Benefits of Our Practical Tiling Program

    • No prior tiling experience is required
    • Change your career in as little as 9 days
    • Become a UK Pro Tiling Training private member
    • Network with 100s of professional tilers
    • Training centre location or train at home options
    • There can be no embarrassing situations
    • Professional training at the highest levels
    • Real life training centre workstations, 5- 9 day courses
    • 3 months course licence access on online course version
    • Receive 3 quality tiling certificates on completion of the course
    uk pro tiling trained elite member


    Everything you need to know on how to run a successful tiling business

    You could be the best tiler in the world but if nobody knows who you are and doesn’t know how to contact you, or you cannot sell your tiling services then your tiling skills are worthless.
    So, to run a successful tiling business, we teach you the 3 key essential skills of success which are:

    1. How to practically tile like a professional
    2. Essential background prep and product knowledge
    3. How to start Up and run a successful Tiling business

    With these 3 skills above you can change your life and enjoy a lucrative career from tiling.


    Can I really start a business from this course.

    Yes, everything you need to know how to tile for a living is covered on our 9 day course.

    How long is the course.

    Training centre courses are 4 – 9 days. On line home version get 3 months course licence to access the content 


    How much are tools

    Tools to set up a tiling business can cost as little as £500 to get started making money

    Do I need some prior tiling experience

    No most of our students have never laid a tile before training, so dont worry, you will be fine

    What People Are Saying

    “From having never laid a tile to feeling confident enough to run your own business in such a small amount of time from home is more than possible with the amount of tiling knowledge you get from this course, I can’t even guess how many years it would take you to get this info by yourself. Everything is both explained and justified super clearly in a very structured way. Highly recommended. 5 stars”


    “I was really impressed with the huge amount of in depth of the training. The intense structure of the course allowed me to learn from my mistakes and develop professional tiling skills very quickly. The course information in respect to preparation, materials and scenarios was extremely informative and the practical elements provided excellent exposure and experience. The course offered a massive amount of notes which can also be referred to for future reference. This course in my opinion offered was excellent value. Thoroughly recommended.”

    Dave, Liverpool

    “This course is a life changer. Was sick of my old job, hated it, took the plunge and booked on the course, this is not just a tiling course, it’s a full business program of how to make money from tiling, from the first module the tutor unleashes his wisdom on you and boom by the end of the course, you have everything you need to start a new career. Easy to set up a cheap work station and just practice in your own time without taking time off work.
    Been finished from the course for 3 months now and regularly double my old wage tiling plus I’m my own boss. Life is good. Highly recommended

    Jack, Kent

    “Took this excellent home learning tiling course. The depth and attention to detail was second to none, you quickly realise there is a lot more to tiling than you think. For affordability and knowledge, you couldn’t get more tiling instruction anywhere, easy to follow the demonstrations. This has given me the confidence to take on this new challenge in life and start up self employed, no stones are left unturned. Superb.”

    Pete, Brighton

    “The way in which the course was delivered was fantastic, the tutor has some amazing knowledge, quite scary at first but he has a way of feeding you the information needed for you to understand even when there is a lot to take in. Highly recommended.”


    “I would highly recommend this course 100%. Starting the course not knowing anything about tiling but with the tutors knowledge, I now know all there is to know about tiling for a living I have completed the lot which has left with the confidence to go on and set up a tiling business and succeed.”
    “Was the best course I’ve ever taken, worked around my old job so no need to take any time off work. Very easy to set up your work station and follow the in depth instruction, all the know how you need to possess going into this game. I was very impressed with the whole course start to finish. Very professional and put across most simply but at the highest levels or training. ”


    “Top quality tiling course, delivered on every level, amazing how much this professional course can teach you in a few weeks, worth every penny. ”


    “Fantastic course that gives you everything you need to start tiling and becoming self-employed. The tutor clearly has a lot of experience and knows exactly how to deliver this course and has each part planned out so you get the most out of it in a short time. The tutor genuinely wants you to succeed. ”

    Ricky, west midlands

    “This company delivers a business in a box, covers absolutely everything you need to start and run a successful career in tiling, i have run a business before but this advice is at another level. The tutors tiling methods get you producing first class tiling from the start, complicated designs and work becomes straight forward with the knowledge passed on. If your looking for the whole package of learning to professionally tile and run a tiling business and maximising your income then look no further, Best money I’ve ever spent which will change my future for the better. ”

    Tom, Essex

    “Probably the most life changing 2 weeks of my life!!! Like a lot of people I did a lot a research into tiling courses before I decided on this home learning tiling program, but there was just something that drew me to this course, and I’m glad I did it. I had some previous tiling experience before I started the course, but was still unsure of how to deal with certain situations, and I had no idea of the difference between ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles. This was all explained within a few modules of the course where it literally bombards you with information-but in a good way! The tutor is a really good teacher with a wealth of knowledge of not only tiling but how to run a business-something that a lot of other courses do not provide. At the end of the 2 weeks of this learning program I left with not only more knowledge but also the confidence to make a life changing decision in my life. Nearly 3 months after leaving the course, I have now left my dead end job and decided to go it alone. I have 7-8 weeks work ahead of me and new requests coming in weekly.
    5 stars plus from me


    “Superb course!!! Easy to follow but be prepared for a lot of information, Work station was easy to set up in my garage, took 30 minutes, there is more to tiling than sticking on tiles as you will find out, the tutor clearly has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects, from business and making it work to tiling. you’ll be flying! Definitely worth paying for this course. It’s got the whole package
    “Wow, best course I have been on, not cheap but you get what you pay for, I was thinking of going to a training centre, but the travel, expense and time off work was too much. The teacher covers absolutely everything there is to know about how to tile for a living also can’t believe he shared the business side of things as well and how to be successful. He packs in so much and also the tells you how to start and run your business. so much value for money.


    “For a new starter, any trade is a minefield. Through years of experience this tutor has pieced together a challenging programme to make this transition possible and at a very high skill level. There is a lot to take in and you appreciate what’s involved to be a professional tiler, cost me about £30 to set up a work station and I borrowed my mates tile cutter to complete the course, self employment here I come


    “What an amazing experience this course was, far outweighed my expectations, I wanted to learn how to tile like a professional and boy does this man deliver the goods, his techniques are brilliant. An unexpected bonus was the business side of tiling, he teaches you how to turn your tiling skills into money by telling you how to win the work and maximise an income from tiling. First class training
    If you’re looking for a total career change and don’t have the time form work, then you have found it, get yourself booked on.

    James, Liverpool

    “I needed a new direction and was a bit nervous about going to a training centre so considered this home learning, it was brilliant, its like the tutor is teaching you personally, you can easily set up you work place and go over the lessons until you get them correct without any pressure
    If your thinking about a new career or just want to learn to tile then this course is fantastic. It’s full on and demanding but very rewarding and motivating. The rest is up to you Can’t wait to get started!


    “I had no time to travel and was completing my 6 month Gas course so wanted to learn something new in my spare time to add a new skill to my venture into self employment and can honestly say it was one of the most insightful courses I’ve ever had, the course was more than I could expect and value for money it was unbelievable and a a different level compared to my gas course. ”


    “Looking to learn a new skill from home I came across this self employed tiling course, It really has given me the knowledge and confidence to give me a new career. I practiced from my spare bedroom, took me 2 weeks to get through the lot but the tips are quality and easy to get top professional results, highly recommended from me. ”


    “Not many tiling courses near me and weighing up travelling costs, accommodation, time off work, I decided to take this home study professional tiling course, I have a shed and cleared out the corner and set up easily
    Everything you need to know about tiling is on this course and the icing on the cake is the tutor’s business knowledge of how to make big money from tiling and start a business up, Just follow each module and don’t move on until you understand it, that’s my advice
    Absolutely superb course, you won’t realise how much you can take from a course until you complete this one, massive thanks for helping me change career.

    Bob, Scotland

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