Tiling course FAQ’s

Here are some FAQ that people ask about our professional tiling course


What will I be doing on the course.

The course delivers exactly the same demonstrations as I have delivered from my training centre over the last 16 years, Instead of group tuition now you get personal tuition with no distractions. You simply start each lesson and then follow along and repeat what is showed, explanations and demonstrations are crystal clear, The benefits are that you can repeat, practice them, something that cant be done in a group tuition or training centre.

How long is the course?

To complete and understand the course is approx. 2-3 weeks on average before you would be ready to go out and tile for a living, 

Is there a demand for tilers / How much can tilers make?

There is currently a UK shortage of tilers with very long wait times to get one, Tilers charge roughly £30 per metre so between £1000-£1500 per week is easily achievable.

When can I start the course?

As soon as you have completed your purchase you will be sent a login email to start the course immediately. Once you have finished the course you can set up your tiling business and start trading.

How advanced is the course?

The course covers every detail of the tiling industry at the highest levels, you will know everything there is to know which would take years to learn, The course is suitable for people with no prior tiling experience right up to professional tilers that need more in depth training

Do I need any qualifications to be a tiler?

No just complete the course, set up as self employed, get your tools and start trading in people’s homes and make your money, Only If you wanted to go on a building site then an CSCS / NVQ would be required, you would have enough skills after completion of this course to pass an NVQ assessment if you needed one. On completion of this course you will receive good quality tiling certificate certifying the units and learning outcomes you have passed, Simply start your business and trade accounts up with this.

Is it easy to set up a work station?

It is really easy to set up just follow the instructions on the video and you can set one up for as little as £20 in a garage, spare room or shed

How much are tools?

Tools to complete the course would be about £100 – £350 depending on quality you buy however you are going to need these tools to start a career anyway, Full tool lists of what you need are listed on the actual course content, if you require a list please email us

How much are tiles to practice with?

You can by white tiles for under £6 per box of 44 from all DIY centres (you will need about 3 boxes or you can ask your local tile shop for some end of range tiles that they throw away for free, they will be glad to give you some to practice with.

How Will I know If Im Doing It Correctly?

The how to tile instructions are very clear and in depth, we explain how to do it right and show you what happens if you do it wrong so you will get both explanations, so when you practice along you will know how to correct any mistakes you might make. It won’t take you long to master the techniques, you can always keep going over them until your ready to move on

How many times can I look at the lessons?

You can revisit any module and go over it again, perfect if your stuck on a job and need some recap, just get your mobile out and go back to the lesson to find out the answer.

Is there tutor support available if I get stuck?

We have made this tiling course very in depth with crystal clear audio and close up video demonstrations along with a full written explanation as well so its hard not to understand what’s going on however if you have any questions you can simply get in touch with the contact details provided for a quick reply to any questions, we ask you to send us your picture progress in so we can review your work.

Who is the tutor?

Darren the course tutor has trained over 8000 people from UK Pro Tiling Training who have been looking for a career change over the last 15 years, and one of the longest and best tiling tutors in the UK, he personally delivers a full tiling business in one follow along course 

Do I have to complete the course all in one go?

No you can start and stop and pick up from where you left off to complete the course and go over the tiling lessons again if you like, you have access on your mobile, tablet or computer.

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