9 Day Advanced Ready for Work Tiling Course

Price £1299 inc VAT  

Our 9 Day professional Ultimate Ready for WorkTiling Coursereally is our best course if your looking for a career change. We teach you how to become a professional tiler, with all the tricks of the trade, and we will also give you all the information you need to set up your tiling business and go self-employed. All you need to do is complete this course, and you can then start work as a domestic tiler immediately, earning money straight away 

Start a new career straight away 

The 9 Day Ultimate Ready for Work Tiling Course is our most popular tiling course for anyone who is seriously thinking about a career change and investing in their future. 

What’s Covered 

A truly superb tiling course, our 9 Day Ultimate Ready for Work tiling course covers all the information that is included  

Our intensive 4 day tiling course 

Our 1 day business and natural stone course 

Plus 4 extra days of advanced wall and floor tiling training with 

  • More advanced and awkward situations 
  • Wet room installation 
  • Tanking Systems 
  • Tiling more unusual challenging layouts 
  • Problem solving and difficult obstacles 
  • Unusual geometric bespoke designs 
  • Understanding kitchen island 
  • 3 way trim mitres for boxing in pipe work 
  • External and internal trim mitres 
  • Square patterns with diamond inserts 
  • Archways 
  • 3 D work 
  • Creating bespoke Victorian borders and features 
  • Tiling to plans and drawings 
  • More advanced setting out 
  • Free time to produce your own designs 
  • Confidence building 
  • More advanced and awkward situations to deal with 
  • Tiling more unusual challenging layouts 
  • Problem solving and difficult obstacles 
  • Unusual geometric bespoke designs on walls and floors 
  • Understanding kitchen islands 

The course gives you a fantastic start for a new career in Wall and Floor Tiling. 

What will you learn 

In this course you will be tiling at extreme levels so you can overcome any tiling situation along with a full understanding of every background preparation, after all, you want your tiling work to stay fixed on the wall, we cover product information what to use where. 

You will be dealing with real-life situations that you are likely to come across in people’s homes. The course will give you the knowledge on how to start and earn a living as a self-employed professional wall and floor tiler. 

No prior tiling experience is necessary for this 2-week course. 

Back up info 

All the training you need is covered in-depth on the course with a back-up of about 70 pages of course information in a bespoke document.  

When you see the huge amounts of information about what’s covered in this course, along with the pictures and videos you will see why you would have to attend a much longer course elsewhere to achieve this standard. 

Positive Feedback 

There is a reason why people have travelled from all over the UK and Europe to attend UK Pro Tiling Training over the last 18 years. We give the maximum practical work and information to our learners, in the shortest possible time. Every minute on the course is structured for learning. 

Certificates and NVQ L2 Tiling qualifications  

You will receive 3 tiling certificates upon completion of this course 

If you require an NVQ L2 Tiling qualification after completing any of our courses and wish to go onto a building site and do commercial work, we can put you in touch with a local NVQ assessor in your area who will then visit you on site and guide you through the requirements for the NVQ tiling assessment, local assessor fees apply, once achieved this will then will allow you to trade and work on all building sites. Please ask Tracey for details for details. 

The course runs between 7.45 – 3.30pm. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to offer your customers a bespoke tailored service, including tiling to plans and drawings. 

Our tiling courses run every week. 

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