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Change your career quickly, everything you need to know how to tile for a living, full business information also given

We have over 18 years experience of teaching tiling

This course is delivered by one of the UKs leading tiling tutors with over 15 years experience of teaching at the highest tiling levels.

Having previously taught over 8000’s of people from our training centres already, our course is a proven program, If you’re looking to change career fast then you’re in safe hands.

Quickly master all the tiling challenges on the course set and demonstrated by the tiling tutor first, then simply go back to your own workstation and repeat the exercise, help is always at hand 


Professional Courses to help you tile like a pro fast

In the training centre you will be led by the main tiling instructor darren who has your best interests at heart, the demonstrations are broken down into bite size chunks and explained in detail and backed up with a set of note for you


Your not alone when you finish the course

Don’t worry about being alone when finishing the course, you will get access to our private members group where 100s of tilers are on there who have previously completed our course and are now running their own tiling businesses, ask them any questions, look through all the posts, get industry updates and build your confidence by mixing with this group, maybe even go out with someone in your area for a bit experience.

Education is in Our Blood

We have always been passionate about helping people change career for over 18 years, this is why we offer a full business program of how to tile for a living

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