Tools Required To Become A Tiler. 

If you’re thinking of a new career in tiling then you will need to invest in some professional tools.

Give us a call and we can give you all the personal advice on which tools you need to buy from starter tiling packs to full professional kits.

Tools Required To Be A Tiler

When attending our training centre all tools are provided for you to train with and complete all the exercises on walls and floors. If you are looking to purchase a full set of tilers tools to start a tiling business then you will need about 36 hand tools, we show you where to buy these tools and prices for full tool packages can start around £400 and go up depending on quality you buy. Here is a detailed video demonstrating various professional tile cutters from the Rubi brand

On average tilers charge £35 per metre or £200-250 per day so your tools outlay can be recouped very quickly on the first job.



Get A Trade Deal On Tools

There are various tiling tool suppliers online and All the tile shops will open a trade account for you which will provide lots of benefits and you can get great trade prices on your tools and materials that you can take away that day. We give you a full list of tools to buy to start your new career so training with us has never been simpler to get your professional tiling training started and your business set up quickly.


Professional Tiling Tools

Completing your tiling course with the professional tools will help you get comfortable and the feel of them. From heavy weight manual and electric tile cutters to the everyday essentials such as spacers, trowels, sponges and kneepads, you’ll find the right tools for the job. Tools are available in a range of prices and qualities, and when starting out its tempting to go for the cheapest options however, you won’t obtain the best results and they won’t last much beyond your training course. Always buy the best tools from the start that you can afford, your tools are your investment in the business


UK Pro Tiling Training

When attending any of our training centre courses we will show you and demonstrate how to use all your tiling tools correctly to achieve amazing results.

Before you know it you will be tiling like a professional and we will build the confidence for you to be ready for your own customers


Manual Tile Cutters

A good manual tile cutter is essential in the tiling business, It is advisable to get the best one you can afford. Lightweight, easy to use and versatile, a good tile cutter will make even the most demanding tiles an absolute breeze.



Robust and versatile, buckets are a must-have tiling tool for mixing and transporting mortar. Rubber buckets are especially good as they’re easier to clean than hard, plastic ones.


An electric mortar mixer and paddle is best suited for mixing cement tile adhesives, levellers and grouts quickly and easily, trying to mix by hand is very hard and time consuming and the products usually end up lumpy 

Tile Trowels

If you want a professional finish, a tile trowel is incredibly important, there are various notches on the trowel ranging from 4mm right up to 20mm, the general rule is the larger the tile you are fixing the larger the notch towel you will use, you’ll get proper coverage every time.

Grout Floats

Grout fills the spaces between the tiles, securing them together. Grout floats are made of a durable, yet flexible rubber pad connected to a C-shape handle.

Tile Spacers

These essential items enhance the installation process by ensuring tiles are set at an equal distance from each other for a precise and professional-looking grout width.

Claiming Back Tax

Don’t forget, if you’re running a wall and floor tiling business then the tools that you’ll need to buy can be tax-deductible. All you need to do is make sure you keep your receipts of purchase and present them to your accountant.

Not sure how to run a business, don’t worry its all part of the course, we show you exactly how to run a full tiling business in a clear, easy to understand way.



Tile Levelling Systems

These pro tiling tools help prevent tile lipage, this is where one tile sits higher than the other causing a lip or a ridge, tile levelling systems guarantee fast levelling of tiles.


Necessary for protecting the knees from all the squatting and lifting you do on the job, making work not only comfortable but safe.

Why Choose UK Pro Tiling Training ?

At UK Pro tiling Training, we don’t just teach basic tiling. We create professional tilers of the future. Darren Yorke is the owner and tiling tutor and has over 18 years teaching tiling experience to over 8000 students, he has developed a totally unique practical, hands-on tiling course that will give you the best chance of success

A hands-on experience from our specialist tilers

UK Pro Tiling Training Instructor Darren Yorke has years of teaching experience in the art of laying tiles and will teach you all the essential skills and knowledge you need to be successful – Everything from pricing jobs, measuring, setting out, tile applications, background prep to running your own business is covered on the course

Great prices for all our courses

The 9 day Ultimate tiling courses is our most advanced course, we guarantee you’ll get value for money. We know how important it is to have the opportunity to build a successful career, and that’s reason why students who complete our courses gives us a great 5 star rating.

Complete support from our instructors

When you complete a course with UK Pro Tiling, our instructors will continue to offer support and advice about building a successful career in the construction industry.

Most people set up their own company on completion of the course with confidence. If you have any questions, we’re just a phone call away.

Are You Ready to Master Tiling?

Like to learn more about our professional tiling courses, please feel free to browse our website, you can see what our Train From Home Tiling Course is all about, our friendly customer service team are available today.

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