The Ultimate Learn To Tile course

See The Ultimate 15 Day Flexible Tiling Course Below, Change Your Career Fast

This is more than just a tile fixing course, this is everything in one place on how to run your own successful tiling business. We offer the easiest and best way to practice and master your tiling skills like a pro on this comprehensive practical “Hands On” tiling course. Practice every tiling skill and learn all the essential product knowledge as well as how to run your pro tiling business in as little as 15 days. Choose the days or evenings when you want to practice on the course. Get 90 days (3 months) to complete the course, so you have plenty of time to go back over the lessons and practice again if required.  This course comes with over a 100 pages of detailed course notes for you to keep for future reference as well as full tutor support during and after.

The 15 Day Course Program

DAY 1 – Getting ready and setting up

Get a course welcome zoom / FaceTime call from the main tiling tutor

All the course lessons are below

Intro to becoming a Professional Tiler

How pro tilers charge for your services. Kitchens, Bathrooms, floors

How to set up 1 or 2 board practice workstation in a corner (roughly £30) see picture

DAY 2 – Tools and setting up your trade accounts

Where to buy your tiling tools to train with and how to order your tools (roughly £200)

List of all the tiling tools you would need to trade in your pro tiling business

Understanding all the different types of tiles and how to fit them

How to set up your live trade accounts with tile shops

Getting some cheap/ free tiles and practice adhesives to train with

DAY 3 – How to measure and price your customer jobs

Learn how to measure up all areas perfectly

Practice measuring your own bathroom / customer areas

Practice measuring your own kitchen/ customer areas

Practice measuring your own floor / customer areas

Learn all the different tiling materials / products you will use on customer jobs

Practice pricing up your bathroom / estimating for a customers job

DAY 4 – Cutting tiles into every shape there is to do

Practice cutting different  tiles with a manual tile cutter

Practice cutting different tiles with a wet saw

Practice cutting different tiles with an angle grinder

Practice marking and drilling holes in tiles

Send in your work for marking and feedback

Practice pricing up your kitchen / estimating for a customers job

Practice pricing up your floors / estimating for a customers job

Send in your work for marking and feedback

Day 5 – Setting out, where to Start tiling from

Learn all about setting out methods (where to start)

Practice how to set out any customers bathroom, inc your own

Practice how to set any customers kitchen splash back, inc your own

Practice how to set out any customers floors, inc your own

Day 6 – Fixing wall tiles. Practice

Practice fixing your tiles perfectly on your workstation walls

Do speed tiling exercises and learn to tile quickly

Learn how to work super clean and minimise adhesive mess

Practice cutting in angles to wall edges that are running off

Practice applying internal movement joints

Learn all about which tile adhesives to use where

Send in your pictures for marking and feedback

DAY 7 – Tiling windows and using tile trim

Practice tiling out of shape windows in your workstation

Practice inserting internal tile trims in windows (mitres)

Practice tiling boxes using external tile trims (mitres)

Sending your pictures for feedback

DAY 8 – Full workstation tile project

Start your full tiling project with everything you have learned, like the pictures on the website

DAY 9 – Full workstation tile project

Continue from previous day

Send in your pictures for marking and feedback

DAY 10 – Tiling knowledge

Learn all about tanking (waterproofing) systems for wet rooms

Learn all about fixing cement boards to floors to stop cracks and tile failures

Learn all about floor anti crack decoupling mats and why they are required

Learn all about under floor heating installations

Learn all about how to prepare every customer background before tiling

Practice repairing damaged and uneven walls on your work station

DAY 11 – Floor Tiling

Practice applying floor tiles perfectly in your work area

Practice cutting floor tiles to walls running off

Learn and use level clips to ensure no lips in tiles

Send in your pictures for marking and feedback

DAY 12 – Grouts and silicones

Practice mixing up your grout

Practice applying grout to tile joints

Practice removing old silicone

Practice your own siliconing, do your own shower and bath

General tile information and professional tricks and tips of the trade

Day 13 – Starting a tiling business

Learn how to start your own tiling business

Learn how to pick the right and best business name

Learn all the best ways to find the tiling work

Day 14 – How to deal with customers

Learn how to sell your tiling services to your customers

Learn how to connect to your customers personality

Learn the drive and enthusiasm needed for your success

DAY 15 – Keeping accounts/ running the business


Learn how to keep your accounts and business records

Learn how to pay yourself a wage from the business

Learn how to write a business plan

Summary of the course and check off list what you have learned

Your 3 tiling certificates are issued documenting all the above units

Get a zoom call with the tutor to go over anything

    • After these 15 days you would have another 75 days on the course program to go back
    • over all the lessons again and practice more tiling if needed.
    • No need to complete in 15 days straight, You have 90 days to complete
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